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Nashville Loves Food: City House

Chef Tandy Wilson in City House Nashville restaurant writing his daily prep list drinking sweet tea from a jar. Tea in a jar next to prep list

By Sheri Oneal

Another year is almost over, and boy has it gone fast! This is my last blog for the “Nashville Loves Food” series and it showcases Chef Tandy Wilson of City House Restaurant. I love this restaurant and I know many of you in the Nashville area feel the same. When I visited him in August he was in his kitchen prepping for the……

Nashville Loves Food: Wedge Oak Farm

Wedge Oak Farm, feeding chickens

By Sheri Oneal

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought  Wedge Oak Farm would be perfect to showcase because it is turkey time and they have great tasting farm raised turkeys available! Last summer I was introduced to the Overton family farm while taking photos for the Nashville Loves Food project. The weather was hot but beautiful the morning Melissa Corbin, Erik Lara (my assistant) and I arrived and we began our tour of the farm right away. Brian and Karen were preparing to feed the chickens so we headed over to the chicken coops because I wanted……

Nashville Loves Food: Noble Springs Dairy

A portrait of a goat behind a fence in a barn at the Noble Springs Dairy farm in Williamson County, Tennessee

I visit to Noble Springs Dairy Farm for Nashville Loves Food series. An interview with owners Justyne and Dustin Noble at their goat farm.

Nashville Loves Food: Kennys Farmhouse Cheese

Male worker in white shirt, blue apron beginning the process of cutting the cheese at Kenny's Farmhouse Cheeses in the facility in Kentucky

By Sheri Oneal

Almost everyone loves cheese…right? While working on the “Nashville Loves Food” project I had the opportunity to visit Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese located about 85 miles from Nashville in Kentucky and owned by the Mattingly family.

My assistant, Erik Lara and I arrived……

Nashville Loves Food: Smoke Et Al

Shane Autry, Smoke Et Al BBQ food truck, golden skillet winner of "Chow Masters" on Travel Channel in apron showing a tray of smoked chickens in Nashville, TN

By Sheri Oneal

We are in the heart of BBQ season and in the South we love our barbecue! Have you heard of Smoke Et Al, if not you are missing out on some great food! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet owner Shane Autry, for the Nashville Loves Food project I worked on last year. This year he was the 2014 Golden Skillet winner of……

Nashville Loves Food: KLD Farm

Ken Drinnon of KLD Farm inspecting his cattle while they eat at his farm in Tennessee

By Sheri Oneal

Last year around this time I had the opportunity to visit Ken Drinnon’s KLD Farm in Ashland City, Tennessee for the Nashville Loves Food series. This 82 acre family owned farm allows plenty room for his Angus cattle to roam, with lots of natural grass, hay and clean water.  Ken doesn’t use steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics of any kind with his cattle. His beef is USDA inspected and 100% chemical free, it is healthier and has a much richer taste than what you get at the grocery……

Nashville Loves Food: Delvin Farms

Delvin Farms owner and farmer Hank Delvin Sr. in blue jeans and blue shirt standing with his red tractor on his farm

By Sheri Oneal

It is strawberry season and for my Nashville Loves Food series I wanted to introduce you to Delvin Farms, the best local farm around for the juiciest strawberries you will ever put in your mouth! Upon my early morning arrival, I was given a tour of Delvin Farms by Amy, daughter of Hank Sr. and Cindy Delvin. We started with a picture of the……

Nashville Loves Food: Local Farmers Markets

Jars oatmeal blend from Haulin Oats at the 12 South Farmers Market in Nashville sitting at their booth and in crates

By Sheri Oneal

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning in the summer (other than hitting garage sales) is head to a local farmers market and get my fresh vegetables for the week. After the long winter we have had I can’t wait to get outside and going to the farmers market is a perfect way to start a weekend! While working on the “Nashville Loves Food” project last year with Lithographics, Inc., Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith I was introduced to “Hip Donelson Farmers Market” and “12 South Farmers Market”. I……

Nashville Loves Food: Holland House Bar and Refuge

Graham "Guice" Fuze prepares a Jack Daniels special drink with garnish at the Holland House Bar and Refuge for Nashville Loves Food

By Sheri Oneal

Last year I was introduced to executive chef Kristin Beringson, of the Holland House Bar and Refuge for part of our “Nashville Loves Food” project with Lithographics, Inc., Melissa Corbin and Joe Smith. She introduced me to the kitchen, the staff and created one of her fabulous menu items for us to photograph. I was pleasantly surprised by the show bartender Graham “Guice” Fuze gave me with his mixology while making this Jack Daniels speciality drink (above)!

Nashville Loves Food: Porter Road Butcher

Owners James Peisker and Chris Carter of Porter Road Butcher Shop in Nashville in the meat cooler at the East side location for Nashville Loves Food

By Sheri Oneal

If you are a vegetarian you might want to stop reading now and cover your eyes but I have to say I am excited that us folks on the West side of Nashville now have our very own Porter Road Butcher shop! While working on the Nashville Loves Food project I was introduced to PRB’s owners, Chris Carter and James Peisker while shooting for the Lithographics, Inc. marketing piece……