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Stories, behind the scenes and news by commercial photographer Sheri Oneal as she photographs advertising, editorial and other client assignments.

Made in America: The Hermitage

The front view of the Hermitage Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee

By Sheri Oneal

Earlier this year I was asked to shoot some photos of The Hermitage in Nashville Tennessee for an editorial assignment in American Spirit Magazine. This historical landmark is perfect for my “Made in America” blog series so I wanted to share it with you all. The Hermitage is a plantation and a museum that attracts tourists from all over the country. It was owned by President Andrew Jackson from 1804 until his death in 1845. The magazine article centered around Andrew Jackson’s historical home, what inspired him to build this beautiful……

Marché Artisan Foods…a little slice of heaven!

Marché Artisan Foods cafe, chicken and rice, chef in kitchen

By Sheri Oneal

Folks living in Nashville especially those on the East side know all about how wonderful Marché’s ever changing seasonal menu is to the pallet. Marché Artisan Foods is a European style cafe and market located in “Five Points” on the East side of Nashville in Tennessee. They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner and the experience is just like sitting in a cafe in Europe. They offer a full coffee & espresso bar, house made pastries, gourmet grocery items as well as fresh fish, meats and cheeses. My first……

Meet “Art Dude Creative” Joe Smith

Joe Smith, Art Dude Creative, man in red shirt at stand up computer desk

By Sheri Oneal

I recently had the opportunity to shoot some corporate images of Joe Smith, the creator behind “Art Dude Creative.” Joe has been a friend since he moved back to town several years ago and we have had the opportunity to work on several projects over the years including Comfort U and Rosie Posie kids clothing. Joe also built my company web site and completely customized it to work the way I wanted it to, no flash, quick loading images and easy to navigate. I have……

East Nashville’s unique coffee shop the “Barista Parlor.”

Andy Mumma at Barista Parlor coffee shop standing near cappuccino machine

By Sheri Oneal

If you have not had a chance yet to check out Barista Parlor over in East Nashville you should. Andy Mumma is the owner of this cool coffee shop with some of the best coffee in a hip atmosphere on the East side of Nashville. I prefer to call Andy’s coffee “speciality” because of his unique methods of producing a cup of java. He uses Hario V60, Chemex, Cafe Solo, Woodneck, and Syphon brewing methods. He also uses a cold brew process that uses large towers to brew the coffee before it is chilled. Aside from……

Dev Digital opens in a new location!

Mitch Ballard, Peter Marcum, DevDigital CEO's

By Sheri Oneal

Dev Digital helps companies and individuals create their own identity on the web through web design and programming. I recently shot some environmental portraits of Mitch Ballard and Peter Marcum, founding partners of Dev Digital, for promotion of their new downtown location in Nashville. I believe these days people want to know who they are doing business with and good photography can really make a difference in connecting with potential clients. I have known Mitch and Peter for many years, love what they do and wish them the best……

A perfect Saturday at Arrington Vineyards!

A blue hot Air balloon above the Arrington Vineyards winery at the Harvest Party, with a crowd of people in the audience

By Sheri Oneal

Last Saturday (August 11) I attended for the first time the Arrington Vineyards annual Harvest Party.  They had the largest crowd ever and the weather was absolutely perfect. The day consisted of wine tastings, musical performances and hot air balloons. It was a delight to watch so many people having a wonderful time outdoors with their family and friends. The hot air balloons were beautiful to see in the clear blue sky and Kix Brooks rocked the stage for more than an hour. People lounged, loved and laughed. Many……

A vet worth visiting….Marc Smith

Marc Smith, Natchez Trace Veterinary Services

By Sheri Oneal

Over the holiday season my pup Deisel came down with mysterious chronic pain issues in his shoulder. After x-rays and several visits to my regular vet I was told that it had to be a pinched nerve and I would need to seek a vet who offered services that would help with that kind of pain. My friend Carol Smock of the “Brown Dog Foundation” referred me to Dr. Marc Smith of “Natchez Trace Veterinary Services”.  After several months of research and trial by error treatments Marc decided to take a……

Erich, Carlie and Melissa again…

Erich Mahnke and Melissa Peirce

By Sheri Oneal

Over the years I often have clients who continue to come back to update their photos. As a photographer this is the most rewarding thing about being in business. These days I realize there are more photographers available than ever in the past and most are willing to do the job cheaper if it means they can get the job. I have spent almost half of my life trying to make a career out of creativity and personally I believe that can’t be defined by a price tag but by a unique vision…….

Guitar pickin George (PORK) McElhinny…

George (Pork) McElhinny

By Sheri Oneal

I recently shot some images for a new client and now friend George (PORK) McElhinny. When I met him I was a little taken by the fact that he goes by the name PORK! Imagine talking on the phone to someone who goes by the name Pork not knowing what they look like, wondering if he might be a BIG guy and having to pre-visualizing shooting their pr images. To my surprise PORK is a good looking healthy guy, the shoot went great in my small studio and he can really play the……

An introduction to Travis Meadows AKA Uncle Buzzy…

Travis Meadows, singer, songwriter profile

By Sheri Oneal

I met Travis many years ago when I used to co-host a writers night at the “Hall of Fame Lounge”, here in Nashville TN. He first contacted me on myspace and then came in one night to play.  I will never forget the first minute of his first song he played for the audience, the place went completely silent and the old coots at the bar who spoke about music in Nashville back in the day actually turned and listened, that never happened. In that moment I knew I would follow and come……