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20 years of photography for SOP!

A collage of photography by Sheri Oneal, Nashville commercial photographer

The 20th year Anniversary of Sheri Oneal Photography, her experience as a commercial photographer and her best photography of 2015!

The power of an elevator pitch!

Nashville Loves Food Marketing Series printed brochures

By Sheri Oneal

I am getting a late start in the new year but I have some great things lined up for 2014! Last year while attending a morning Chamber event I was caught off guard when the host asked that we go around the room and give our 30 second – 1 minute elevator pitch. I have been teaching a business course at Nossi College of Art to young budding professional photographers for several years. The elevator pitch is what I have my students master because I do believe it is the most important……

Thinking is not doing, ACTION is a requirement for any kind of change…

Well…spring is here and I have this uncanny need to share. I have decided that I will limit my time doing unproductive things, I don’t pay attention to the news very much anymore and just getting outside a few times a week makes me feel better as a human being! I have surrounded myself with positive minded people who complain very little, are full of energy and seem to be not only happier but more successful. It is rubbing off on me and that makes me feel better about myself which in turn makes me want to make……

PR photos are changing…do you need branding help?

By Sheri Oneal

These days I seem to be getting more and more calls from business executives who want something different when it comes to their photos. I think there is a trend happening, perhaps it is the younger generation wanting to be themselves rather than conforming or an older generation realizing that you can be smiling in a casual atmosphere yet still look professional. It seems to me that people want to look more relaxed in the photos that they send out……

Truth and trust as a photographer…

Behind the scenes photo collage, photographer working & using gear

Commercial photographer, Sheri Oneal offers her insight of earning her clients trust when working with them on a photo shoot.