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Personal work by photographer Sheri Oneal that includes her travels, fine art and other personal creative projects.

Travis Meadows…survivor.

Travis Meadows, singer, songwriter, three legged dog, amputee man

By Sheri Oneal

This is a very personal blog for me to post on my business site, it is about courage, self esteem and being a survivor. There is more text than usual for a photo blog but I hope that you will read this story about my great friend Travis Meadows and pass it on. My hope is that those of us who struggle with self esteem will be touched and inspired as I have been.

I believe we as human beings get so self absorbed in our daily activity that we……

A mothers request while missing her son…

Train jumper Gabe Neill near train tracks with backpack and hat,

By Sheri Oneal

Several years ago I met a young man named Gabe Neill who was visiting my neighbor next door. His demeanor was electric, inspiring and he seemed so positive. He enamored me with his visit saying he was traveling the US jumping freight trains. He said his grandfather told him stories of jumping trains when he was a kid and he wanted to see what it was like so he set out on his adventure. I went out the next day and shot a few photos of Gabe around the freight cars over……

Made in America: The Parthenon

The Parthenon at night, Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee

A tour of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN originally built in 1897 as a centerpiece for the state fair at Centennial Park for Made in America blog series.

Made in America: John Archer & Ron Ingram

John Archer, man working on Harley Davidson Motorcycle with grinder

By Sheri Oneal

For my series “Made in America” this time I traveled all the way to Ocala, Florida…my hometown. John has been a part of my family for many years and I have wanted to photograph him and his friends with their Harley Davidson’s for as far back as I can remember. While visiting over the holiday I finally had my chance to grab a few shots (I still plan to shoot images of his friends with their bikes so stay tuned)!

John Archer and Ron Ingram have taken a hobby and created a way to live……

Made in America: Keith Herendon, blacksmith & artist

Keith Herendon, Blacksmith & Artist working in his workshop

By Sheri Oneal

In 2010 I started a flood relief project called ReTune Nashville, we gave flood damaged instruments to Nashville visual artists, they created art out of the items to re-sale for money to donate to flood victims. While working on that project I met Keith Herendon a Nashville blacksmith specializing in custom doors, rails, gates, fences and art. I have stayed in touch over the years and felt inclined to showcase him for my new blog series “Made in America:Nashville.”

I personally have always been intrigued with welding especially when relating to art and Keith does……

Sweetness with a twist…the Bang Candy Company

Syrups and other treats packaged and sold at Nashville candy store, The Bang Candy Company

By Sheri Oneal

I don’t watch tv often but on occasion I have found myself completely absorbed in shows like Eat Street, Food(ography), Unique Eats and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives among others… I guess I might be a little obsessed with the travel channel, food network and the cooking channel. My infatuation has led me to want to shoot more images of inspired people doing what they love with food. Being inspired after watching several episodes of Eat Street I did some research on the food trucks in Nashville and was led to Sarah Souther.

A day of personal work that revitalized my creativity!

Meagan Nordmann Rhodes with floral headpiece

By Sheri Oneal

I spent a few hours last week working with Meagan Nordmann Rhodes on some personal work I have wanted to shoot for some time. I have been working on a personal-spiritual series on an off for over a year. I continually do a lot of online research collecting ideas for lighting, imagery and interesting locations. I am constantly on the lookout for interesting people and props around town and met Meagan on Facebook a while back.

It is hard to make time to shoot for yourself when you feel the constant need to……

It’s National Doughnut day…enjoy!

National Doughnut day, krispy kreme

By Sheri Oneal

Today is National Doughnut day! I can’t remember when the last time was that I had one but I find it entertaining that there is a day set aside to celebrate. I have no intention to go get one today because they are not a part of my current diet but if one were here in front of me I would more than likely eat it due to a poor lack of willpower.

A few years ago for whatever reason a few friends and I went down to my basement studio and……

A visit to Gruhn Guitars….Nashville, Tennessee!

George Gruhn testing guitar, Gruhn Guitars

By Sheri Oneal

I recently had an opportunity to shoot a few images at Gruhn Guitars, a downtown Nashville staple that was established in 1970. Owner, George Gruhn allowed me to look through the store and shoot whatever I wanted. It was overwhelming how many instruments he had in his inventory so I avoided the temptation of staying all day and focused on the private areas of the building in the different rooms above the showroom.

George has 25 employees, these include sales, staff and repair positions. As George walked me through a tour of……

Creative time with out dated 4×5 Polaroid…

Vintage Satellite Camera

By Sheri Oneal

Recently I started looking through my gear for things I could possibly sell to regain some closet space. I found a huge box of polaroid (4×5, medium format and sx-70) that I had forgotten about many years ago with the change over to digital. I decided to take a day to just play, to set up a shot with the old untouched 4×5 I have contemplated getting rid of for years.

As I set up the tripod it amazed me how much I had forgotten in regards to using a 4×5 camera…….