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West Side Digs: answer. restaurant

West Side Digs: answer. restaurant, fish, Nashville

Nashville commercial photographer Sheri Oneal shares a blog series “West Side Digs” interviewing Answer Restaurant in Sylvan Park neighborhood in Nashville.

Family Portraits of The Goldsteins…

A family portrait of Lisa, Rob, Sara and dog, Ginger photographed in the green grass of the front yard of their home in Nashville, Tennessee

By Sheri Oneal

Over the weekend I photographed family portraits of my favorite couple “The Goldsteins,” over several hours my goal was to shoot various photos of Lisa and Rob with their beautiful daughter, Sara. As a commercial photographer this is a little out of my element and for whatever reason photographing friends always makes me nervous for fear they won’t tell me if they truly like the photos (yes even as a pro for almost 20 years I still doubt myself at times). When I went to their home I wanted to be sure and……

Fabulous Women Over 40: Payge McMahon

Fabulous Women over 40, Payge McMahon, adventure athlete and yoga instructor in red jacket walking down a hiking trail at Percy Warner Park near Nashville, TN

By Sheri Oneal

Wow, this summer got real busy and I fell behind with my interviews for my Fabulous “Women Over 40” blog series but I have a very inspiring woman to showcase for September!

Payge McMahon is an amazing testament of courage and inspiration and she proves that your life direction……

Fabulous Women Over 40: Rita Maggart

Rita J. Maggart in a green shirt, outside her Nashville, TN sitting on some railing near a row of colorful flowers sharing about teaching in a women's prison

By Sheri Oneal

May almost slipped by me but I squeezed in a day this week to interview a wonderful woman for my Fabulous Women Over 40 blog series. I am proud to introduce Mrs. Rita J. Maggart! She is an artist, a writer, a floral designer and a teacher who began volunteering her time 24 years ago as a teacher’s assistant at the Tennessee Prison for Women.

Fabulous Women Over 40: Loan Hillsten

Loan Hillsten telling her story as Vietnamese Refugee in the U.S. at the age of 12 for Fabulous Women over 40 blog series

By Sheri Oneal

This month I am excited to share Ms. April in my blog series Fabulous Women Over 40. Loan Hillsten and I have had the same circle of friends for about two years. I learned of Loan’s story at a dinner party one night when inquiring about where she grew up. She is a vibrant and caring person who carries a secret past most of her friends and colleagues do not know about.

We, as Americans, are privileged to live as freely as we do. The awareness of those here from other……

Fabulous Women Over 40: Kate O’Neill

Kate O'Neill, speaker, author, mentor and consultant in her Nashville home office with her laptop for the photo blog series Fabulous Women Over 40

By Sheri Oneal

Finally SPRING  is upon us, thank goodness! This month’s Fabulous Women Over 40 I am featuring the wonderfully beautiful and talented Kate O’Neill! I met Kate many years ago while attending various Nashville business mixers including the Technology Council. The one thing I always noted about Kate was her energy, her smile and most of all her laughter, she always seemed to be the happiest person in the room. We joke about having the same last name but it is spelled differently…sista-from-anotha-motha sort of thing. I have always……

Fabulous Women Over 40: Lisa Palet Goldstein

Colon cancer survivor, Lisa Palet wearing a denim shirt sitting on stairs in her home and wearing Wonder Woman socks for blog series Fabulous Women Over 40

By Sheri Oneal

Welcome to this month’s Fabulous Women Over 40 featuring Ms. February, Lisa Palet Goldstein AKA “Wonder Woman!”

I met Lisa on Labor Day last year at a party she was having at her house. A friend invited me along and I had no idea what I was embarking on that day. When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see more than 20 people I knew, when Lisa welcomed me the first thing that I noticed was her infectious smile. As I greeted those I knew I overheard various conversation’s on Lisa’s……

Made in America: Elliston Place Soda Shop

Elliston Place Soda Shop

By Sheri Oneal

With everyone striking up their grills for Independence Day, I wanted to share some photos for my Made in America series of the iconic Nashville restaurant “Elliston Place Soda Shop.”  As one of the oldest eating establishments in Nashville it represents the simplicity of American food. I didn’t live in that time when date night was a burger and a shake and soda shops were as common as fast food chains but my parents did and they remember it well. I do remember sitting at the soda fountain at Woolworth as a……

Travis Meadows…survivor.

Travis Meadows, singer, songwriter, three legged dog, amputee man

By Sheri Oneal

This is a very personal blog for me to post on my business site, it is about courage, self esteem and being a survivor. There is more text than usual for a photo blog but I hope that you will read this story about my great friend Travis Meadows and pass it on. My hope is that those of us who struggle with self esteem will be touched and inspired as I have been.

I believe we as human beings get so self absorbed in our daily activity that we……

A mothers request while missing her son…

Train jumper Gabe Neill near train tracks with backpack and hat,

By Sheri Oneal

Several years ago I met a young man named Gabe Neill who was visiting my neighbor next door. His demeanor was electric, inspiring and he seemed so positive. He enamored me with his visit saying he was traveling the US jumping freight trains. He said his grandfather told him stories of jumping trains when he was a kid and he wanted to see what it was like so he set out on his adventure. I went out the next day and shot a few photos of Gabe around the freight cars over……